Molaka- Popular Education for Community Activists of the Food Sovereignty Alliance

Food Sovereignty, Social Justice and Buen Vivir: Reflecting on our Praxis


We (Food Sovereignty Alliance,India and Kudali Intergenerational Learning Centre) successfully completed “Molaka” – a Popular Education workshop for Community Activists of the Food Sovereignty Alliance, India on ‘ Food Sovereignty, Social Justice and Buen Vivir: Reflecting on our Praxis’ at Kūdali Intergenerational Learning Centre . 25 community leaders from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, participated in the workshop organised from April 13th-25th 2017. Various creative transformative and emancipatory methods  such as visualisation in participationart in transformation, media for action, and forum theatre based on ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’, were used to deepen reflection for advancing actions.

Beginning each day with ‘Mayasabha’ : the community assembly of activists

IMG_20170414_104804Remembering Ambedkar : 14th April 

Screenshot_20170504-102521My beautiful village on the banks of the Godavari and resisting the Polavaram Dam  

IMG_20170420_102022160Commemorating Indravelly April 20th ………

IMG_20170422_102348725Earth Day April 22nd 

Confronting Caste 

Capitalism: The project of death

So this is how the rich become richer: understanding class and capital playing                 ‘Molaka Santha’


Monopolies—-Mergers—–Complete Control 

Land, Food and Farming: Past – Present and Future 

By-passing Food and Agriculture Empires : Critical dialogues in our local markets

          Critical Dialogues on the past, present and future of Food and Social  Justice

                      Forum Theatre: Deepening Critical Dialogue for transformative Action