Golden Rice threatens indigenous and diverse food cultures

Golden Rice, yet another example of a fragmented, piece-meal solution to address the issue of malnutrition. Golden Rice is a genetically engineered variety of japonica and indica cultivars of rice, which has been developed by adding a gene from the daffodil plant and from a bacterium to produce beta-carotene. This is being promoted as a panacea for Vitamin A deficiency (VAD). This deficiency is common among the poorer sections of society in several countries. The deficiency is associated with malnutrition — a complex social problem, which the industrial agricultural system once again wants to solve with the magic wand of technology. By positioning itself as a solution it threatens indigenous and diverse food cultures, while pushing the industrial food system. Read more about about this Grain Gamble.

Earlier this year on March 8, International Women’s Day, the FSA ran a campaign condemning the ‘Allow Golden Rice Now Campaign’ since it was yet another example of how the industrial food system and the State are looking at food as a commodity. The root cause of malnutrition is the erosion of our holistic, integrated, indigenous food systems. The solution lies in this very same system and not in the industrial system which views food as agribusiness!