Sagari R. Ramdas, Bovine Politics and Climate Justice. Economic and Political Weekly. Volume 53, Issue No. 41, Oct 13 2018Bovine Politics and Climate Justice

Sagari R. Ramdas, Grazed and Not Confused: Why Not All Livestock Rearing Practices Are Ecologically Unsound , 24th November 2017,

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Sagari R. Ramdas, Cattle rules puts lives at stake, June 4th 2017,

సాగరి ఆర్. రాందాస్, పశు సంరక్షణ కాదిది, రైతుపై దాడి,  May 30th  2017,


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Dr Sagari R. Ramdas, Andhra Jyothy, March 30th 2017,

Nalla Gorre Nati Prabhavam
English Version : Sheep and Shepherds

  డాక్టర్‌ సాగరి ఆర్‌ రామ్‌దాస్‌, నిష్ప్రయోజక నిషేధాలు, ఆంధ్ర జ్యోతి ,27th September 2016,

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