About Food Sovereignty Alliance

The Food Sovereignty Alliance brings onto a common platform adivasi, dalit, pastoralist and small and marginal farmers social movements along with co-strugglers/co-producers[1], to build solidarity with one another for a common vision of food sovereignty, in defence of our sovereign rights to food and the rights of mother earth.            

Adivasi Aikya Vedika
Deccani Gorrela-Mekala Pempakadarula Sangham, Medak
Ottavapantala Mahila Vedika, Medak
Grama Sangham, Warangal

Andhra Pradesh
Adivasi Aikya Vedika
Dalit Mahila Sangham, Chittoor
Sri Gopi Rytu Sangham, Chittoor
Chinna Sanna Karu Vyavasaidarula Sangham, Vishakapatnam
Co- Producers


email: foodsovereigntyalliance@gmail.com






[1]Co-strugglers/ Co-producers:  is the term we use to identify “non-farming” citizens who are concerned about the future of food. Co-strugglers/Co-producers are actively involved in decisions being made about the food we eat, and envision to transform from being passive recipients to active participants along with the producers of food, in co-creating and advancing the visions for Food Sovereignty and Social Justice.


For more details, download our pamphlet (Telugu and English).

fsa telugu

FSA english



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