Condemn the State Sponsored Violence on #Justice for Rohith

The violence unleashed once again against the students of University of Hyderabad indicates that today people fighting for Justice and resisting the State, are being murdered, brutally attacked and arrested.

We, the Food Sovereignty Alliance, India condemn this ongoing State sponsored violence and onslaught on democracy.

The student movement across campuses in India and the world is self-evident: you cannot crush the truth. Whether it is students, largely from Black communities of City University of New York marching across Brooklyn Bridge, or the nation wide demonstration of the South African student movement, or the students across several universities in India: they are fighting institutional, structural discrimination, challenging the privatisation of university education, demanding increased state financial support and asserting for a space of democratic discourse on campuses.

The fight is of justice, of the historically excluded people to be shaping the future of universities, which have for long now been the preserve of the upper castes, upper class oppressors.

We stand with the students of the University of Hyderabad in their fight to restore democracy and against caste discrimination in educational institutions.

  • We demand the immediate release of and withdrawal of all cases against arrested students and faculty and the halt of any further targeted arrests.

  • We condemn the police brutality and demand the withdrawal of Police from campus.

  • We condemn the unlawful shut-down of university and the suspension of basic fundamental rights.

  • We demand the suspension and arrest of VC Dr. P.Appa Rao.

  • We demand immediate action to implement the demands of the Joint Action Committee for Social Justice, UoH.

We stand with the students movements in other universities around the country who continue to fight caste, class, patriarchial structures of discrimination, as also the Hindutva and capitalist attack on our sovereignty.

In solidarity we from FSA:

Protested the violence against students of UOH at Ambedkar Statue in Hyderabad and mobilized contributions for food, fruits and water for the UOH students, whose basic fundamental rights were denied on campus.


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