In Solidarity with the Struggle #Justice for Rohith

Members of Dalit Mahila Sangham, Medak , Adivasi Aikya Vedika Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and Co-producer constituency lend solidarity to the students in UoH campus for the call for Justice.
Dalit Mahila Sangham, 21st January 2016


Adivasi Aikya Vedika, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, 17th February 2016

Condemning the Assault on Justice and Democracy

We, the Food Sovereignty Alliance, condemn the violence on students, lawyers, journalists, writers, professors, adivasi leaders, dalit leaders and communities who stand for Justice and are the democratic voices of sovereignty.

We oppose and condemn the false charges against citizens, in terming them as ‘Anti-nationals’ and reiterate that Nation is a sovereign of people.  Citizens who voice the rights of dalits, adivasis, muslims, poor working class and other marginalized communities, who critically question the government and the state machinery, are in no measure anti-national, but are rather the upholders of a people’s democracy.

We demand that the colonial law of ‘sedition’ and related provisions be repealed and removed from the body of legislations. In history, there have been several occasions where political representatives objected sedition on valid grounds and termed it as unconstitutional.

We particularly oppose the arrest and sedition charges filed on the JNU Student Union President Kanhaiya Kumar. We demand the revocation of sedition charges and debarment of Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya, Ashutosh Kumar, Rama Naga, Anant Prakash, Aishwarya Adhikari and Shweta Raj.

We denounce the actions of Samajik Ekta Manch as unconstitutional and call for the halt in torture of the members of Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group.

We strongly condemn the recent attack on Soni Sori and demand the halt of this onslaught on adivasis in Bastar and on all human right defenders.

Above all, we strongly oppose all attempts at suppressing the democratic act of dissent and affirm that we the member movements of the Food Sovereignty Alliance are in solidarity and will continue to resist and fight to keep freedom and people’s democracy alive.

We are all the people who continue to stand for Justice.

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