In Memory of Komaram Bheem, G. Demudu and Bhaskar Save

We gathered around the Jilugu[1] tree, the sacred tree of the Koya and Kondareddi adivasis of the Eastern Ghats, as young Adivasi activists of the Adivsi Aikya Vedika begin their Popular Education Program on this day 27th October 2015; the day when Komaram Bheem, the great Adivasi Gond leader was killed, fighting for the rights of the Gond people to their Jal, Jungle and Zamin.

We also remembered with love and respect : G. Demudu, the Adivasi leader from Vishakapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh, from the Communist Party of India, who passed away yesterday 26th October 2015 and Sri Bhaskar Save ji, who left his beloved Mother earth on October 24th 2015.

Young Gond Adivasi activists Anand and Nageshwari , read out their poem on Kumaram Bheem, spoke about his life and how even after being shot by the police, he walked 25 steps crying out: “ This Water, Forest and Mother Earth are ours !”. His life and struggle gives power and strength to Adivasis who continue to resist the capture of their territories. We ended singing for Komaram Bheem ; “ Gutta Metta Keda Guda………“

Kunjam Pandu Dora, and Madhoo reminded us all of G. Demudu, the Konda Dora Adivasi leader who despite being elected twice by the Advasi people of Vishakapatnam district as their MLA, continued to lead a peoples life of struggle, living in his village, and being the voice that has led the fight of Adivasi people of Vishkapatnam district against Bauxite mining, that threatens to destroy their territory, lives and way of living in harmony with Mother earth.

Sagari recalled Bhaskar Save ji’s words at the Natural Farming Workshop at the Kalpavruksh Farm,  in January 2015,on how his first teachers of Natural Farming were the Bhil Adivasis, who introduced him to the sacred relationship between people, forests, farming and food. We are blessed, and privileged to have learnt from his knowledge and wisdom, and dedicate today to sustaining his philosophy of farming, that embraces all life forms: so similar to the Adivasi philosophy of Manchi Jeevitam or Buen vivir.

Johar Amara Veerulu! Johar !  Long Live Adivasis! Long Live Mother Earth !

Adivasi Aikya Vedika, India

Food Sovereignty Alliance, India

October 27th 2015

Girijana Deepika Resource Centre, D. Bhimavaram Village, Eastern Ghats, AP

[1] The Elephant Palm TreeDSC_0057DSC_0252


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