Killing Fields………..Where is the Justice?

In State after State in the country small farmers are committing suicide. The country is in deep agrarian crises. Mainstream media, print and television, politicians and other commentators cannot seem to tear themselves away from the soap-operaish news to even comment on this issue. In the midst of this “Neroesque” situation (Emperor Nero played the flute while Rome burnt) the Frontline magazine has found the issue important enough to present an in-depth analysis and reportage of the crises in various States across the country.

As part of the report on the situation in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the September 4, 2015 issue of the Frontline has quoted the FSA. In its Matthadiguda Declaration signed at the Telangana Food Sovereignty Summit in February 2015 the FSA had alerted citizens to the rapid supermarketisation and corporate takeover of food systems stating that ……”These markets that offer ‘cheap food’ cover up a reality of massive injustice [to farmers] and hidden subsidies to multinational corporations.…..Read More